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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Disintegration and Conflict

To precisely understand the disintegration and conflict in one person is the main key of the healing. What had caused the disintegration? And how it happened to bring conflict that later on caused the physical or soul illness. Above, I told you a person contain by a lot of souls which is tight in a very complicated system/network. When, there’s a new mental activities not match with the system already formed by the previous souls, it will automatically create a conflict between the newest formed soul caused by the mental activities with the system that already exist by the previous souls, whether is entirely or half from it, depends in how strong, how wide, and how deep that mental activities affect the individual. This case is an internal distraction (within self).

There’s also an external distraction that caused disintegration and conflict such as hit by magical things or sort of those.

The cases will be very complicated if the distraction/diseases caused by the combination between the internal and external distractions. Especially when this combination were blended with the existed soul system, just like a cake batter, the wheat, the sugar, the eggs, the chocolates and everything had become one. Healing this typical of cases took a quite long time, and can’t be cured instantly; it might take days, weeks, months, or even years or two. Because all the materials formed the diseases need to be parted one by one, such the sugar, eggs, and everything else which caused the problems in the batter. The soul sickness caused by this combination between internal and external distraction has contaminated by so many element.

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