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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cure Instantly With The Alif Therapy

There's a public opinion that non medic healing or we used to named "alternative medication" is something extra ordinary as a miracle. There's even certain healer who claims that they power of healing as a prophecy gift. They simply claims that because they used prays, meditation or any other methods that related to God. (Of course we all know that prophecy thing only given by God to the prophets)

For those who understand, this alternative medication as mention is not something extra ordinary, miracle, nor a prophecy gift, it’s something ordinary. But so far, since there's no knowledge or science studied about it, for most people it can't be described or even worse, it can't be fully understand in the right way. Most of the healer doesn’t understand precisely how the healing process works is. Most of them could only diagnose the patient by predicted or guessing, and this could make them miss-diagnosed few cases sometimes. That’s why the healing process looks like coincidence and mostly it doesn't even works.

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