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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Alif Therapy - Psychology

Psychological science took a glimpse of a soul as symptoms and behavior estuary of the stimulus inside an individual.

The alif therapy took a glimpse that a soul is a living thing, something with its own authority, it could be independent, or could be tight in a system that blend someone personality. The basic comprehension of alif therapy is personality was made from plenty of soul which tightens in a system interaction between each other inside someone.

The main treatment of the alif therapy is the arrangement inside a soul realm. If we only treat human bodies and organs while their painful soul left as unarranged/unfixed, the treatment wont completed or won’t bring any desired result. Human bodies/organism/organs have it own immunity to against the diseases. So, when there’s a disintegration or conflict in a soul that blend someone personality, this immunity system can’t work or can’t do its part well enough. It is the soul then who takes the order now and its order the neuron to do or not to do something. I have an interesting case example to explain this.

A young man who will become a doctor (three month later he will take his vow) came to me with a complaining, he feels pain in his chest for the last year. He told me that lately, the stimulus to suicide getting stronger inside him because he actually hopeless for his uncured disease. He try to treat him self, he had done so many laboratory test and others to finds out about his disease, but it never work out. He had went to a clinical psychology expert, and the last one, he went to a very famous professor in psychology in Indonesia. The professor said his disease is caused by trauma of the disease it self. The recipe given by the professor exactly the same as he already made and gave to him self before, but still there’s no result.

When he was hearing diagnose based on the alif therapy concept, especially about the soul compare to knowledge in medical and psychological science, from his face, I know the young man doesn’t believe in it at all. But after he had the therapy for a couple of minutes, the young man cured instantly, he doesn’t feel any pain in his chest like he had for the last year. Finally, the doctor candidate only mumbling, “No wonder there’s a lot of people turns around to the alternative medicine.”

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