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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Alif Therapy - Medical

Medical science consider every part in a human being by main pointed the physical process only, when there’s something malfunctioned they cure it with physical treatment whether by giving some medicine or by surgery. The alif therapy always looks behind the physical process there’s the most important part of human being, a soul.
It is the soul who makes human live and makes every mortal growth. It is the soul who ensures every activities of a human being. It is the soul who makes a mortal felt pain, healthy, good, or bad.
Generally, medical science cure symptom by only by standard treatment which already available, by mean if the disease was looks alike with the typhus symptoms, they will use standard medication for typhus to cure it, even though they know they haven’t find any typhus bacteria. If the given medication doesn’t work, then they will go to a deeper review and analyst, if it’s truly typhus or not. Again, if they didn’t find any typhus bacteria or if they found the bacteria still exist even if they gave the antitoxin, they will ponder more medical action to do.
I had an interesting experience about this. A college girl whose happened to be a daughter of a senior doctor in a very famous hospital in Jakarta. The girl was laid for more than three weeks in the hospital where her father works. After detail examination and research supervised by the team of doctor who chosen give her the best treatment, they make sure that she’s had a typhus and advice that she need blood washing right away. Her family and her father came to me for a help, his father told me the about his work colleagues advice. I told him if he agrees to the treatment then his daughter life could be in great danger, and there’s no way to help her. I told him all about my experiences with other people before.
I also told him, why the doctors seem so eager told him that her daughter having typhus, while the antitoxin they gave her not even responding. I ask him, don’t he think that they just make it up by advice him to agree to such a medical treatment while they don’t even know the exact cause of the disease, how fatal it would be id he allow them to do that. I told him to forget about the typhus.
Just a day after I visited her daughter in the hospital, that senior doctor called me and asking about what exactly my diagnosis and the therapy I gave to her daughter now that she’s feeling much better, and he also told me that he reject the advice to give his daughter blood washing. The next day, he went to my office and asked for prayed water. Thanks God, his daughter cured.
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