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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Alif Therapy – Oriental Medication (Ancient Chinese Medication)

The ancient Chinese medicine believe that behind a physic process of a human body there’s a power identical with energy which is called the yin and the yang, the decisive of someone’s life. The alif therapy glimpsed there’s a soul behind a body. Soul is not just a power or energy, soul is a living thing, it has its own authority and not piled by energies but it’s piled by something fundamental and makes it alive. The energy isn’t that important for souls, because soul had arrived to a perfect stage, it makes the soul no longer tracked whether by energy or not. We could say that there’s no longer energy in a soul who close to a perfect stage, so the existence of this kind of soul hard to detect. Why? Because it’s now no longer bound with dimension and time, there are no known parameters to measure it speed.
But it’s admitted that most of souls tighten energy, so with a little sensibility it could be tracked.

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