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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cure Instantly

One night, a family visited me for a business matter, not for therapy, they were husband-wife and two grownup kids. The wife works for the most popular newspaper Indonesia. Her husband walks with a crock, because his right legs were in pain. Finally, beside talked about our business, he also told me about his leg. Eight month ago, after played tennis, suddenly he felt a very strong pain in his leg, so strong I even made him unconscious. The doctors said, his right leg muscle was broken, and in order to fix the problem, they need to do a surgery. He followed the doctor’s advice, but after eight month, he’s here, sits in front of me with the same condition. I convince him that the doctors had a wrong diagnostic, because if it’s true his muscle was broken, the surgery supposed to cure him.
Then I diagnosed his disease, but he doesn’t believe me. I asked him to do a therapy; he cured instantly and walks normally without a crock. And you know what? He even drove his own car when they get back home (before, he sons did!).
Hundred of people cure instantly after I told them to do some therapy, most of them think about what I did as a miracle, only a few of them understood about the diagnosis and the therapy result I told them (mostly doctors who came for a therapy, or brought their family for a therapy).

In the case mention above, I successfully diagnosed the disease after revealed some important thing that I need to know about him self by asking some questions. I explained to him that his disease wasn’t cost by any broken muscle, there’s disintegration inside, and so it has made a conflict between few parts within him. The conflict has made the neuron and muscle not function normally. This disintegration happened because he joins a group of a martial exercise to increase his inhaler ability.

The right therapy for him was to permanently dump the main cost of his disease, by the time the therapy finished, the disease off from him, cured instantly!!
Even though the therapy process only happened in few minutes, but how I pull out and dump the diseases not as simple as it was seen outside. It’s very complicate to verbally explain, even in writing, because most of the techniques done practically in others side of life which is abstract for most of human being, just as abstracts as time dimension theory by EINSTEIN for the physicians.

To make you easily understand the alif therapy, I will make a comparison with other medications that already exist.
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