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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Palming Allah’s Track to Gain Evidences

For me, life is a never ending search. In my early childhood years I often asked about Allah, talk to Him, and asked for evidences in His existence and His jurisdiction. It’s still funny to remember how I was asking Him like this, when it was raining heavily and I can’t go home, “Allah, it is You who pour the rain. Please stop the rain so I can go home”. Strangely the rain stopped, and I was so happy because of it. Later on I did it more often, but I didn’t brave enough to tell it to anyone, afraid that they might think of me as someone going crazy.

It’s been decades of my life journey in searching for evidences with Al-Qur’an and Al-Hadist as my perceptions, and it brings me to this therapy without even arranged or wittingly. I never learn or aspired to do something in this field. Most of them who had my therapy were cure instantly, and I even thought about it as a mystical power in the very beginning.

Most of the people I helped were those who cannot be cured by medical treatment, physiological, oriental medication (ancient Chinese), other alternative medications, and etc. I has my rise and my fall when I’m palming this road to follow Allah tracks, sometimes I got ill and nearly get killed, and so was my family.

After intensively in this treatment for decades, Allah open His knowledge, He gave me comprehension that this treatment as the evidences about the truth that He thought us by Al-Qur’an and His prophet Muhammad, SAW. Finally, I understand the concepts, the methods, and the techniques of the treatment that I called The Alif Therapy. It’s no longer something mystic for me, but it’s understandable and acceptable with logical thinking as a new science. This article titled “Cure Instantly with the Alif Therapy” is the first part of my searching for the last 50 years until now.

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